Special Thanks

Poo Doo Productions would like to thank the following people for their hard work in making this successful:

Web site designer Amy Karns at www.amykarns.com

Photography by www.Kimberlymanz.com and Cris Amicone at Cris@amiconemedia.com

Logo design by Karinfecteau.blogspot.com

Jingle by Eric Ferrari. contact at ericferrari1986@gmail.com

Videos by  Melissa Richie nd Spencer Glover at www.Spencerglover.net

Wendy Pate (amazing friend and workhorse)

Shayla Hall (another amazing friend and workhorse)

Voice over by Elliott Winston ewinston65@aol.com and Ginny Ellsworth

Seamstress Lynn Lesher and my amazing mom Madeleine Pinkerman

Additional  photos by Michael Pilla,  Christopher Scruggs, Kassandra Barkley, and Kristin Blocker

Dog owners Rebecca Brown, Heather Bassett, Chasity Loper, Bryn Herrin, Shayla Hall

Support by James Pendergrass

My friend and Poo Doo model Crystal Smart

Website Support provided by Gerard Donnelly, demo site located here.