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Poo Doo Leash has teamed up with Hound Gear (former Nashvillian neighbor and family owned business) to bring you the awesome Adventure Harness!
Hound Gear harnesses are inspired from materials and stitching processes used to make human rock climbing harnesses.  The Adventure Harness is made from a cushioned 3/16-inch closed-cell foam that is sandwiched between two polyester knit fabrics. The Adventure Harness has multi-point adjustments around the neck, breast plate, and belly.  Tension Lock adjusters ensure a secure and easy fit.  Can be adjusted to fit as a dog grows or to fit multiple dogs of similar size.
Hound Gear’s Adventure Harness is an excellent walking harness.  There is less pull on the spine and throat than with collars. The Adventure Harness provides better control for those dogs that insist on pulling. Pull tension is transferred to a cushioned breast plate.
Poo Doo Leash is excited to bring the Adventure Harness by Hound Gear to OUR WEBSITE.
X-Small: 15-19 inches.  Typical weights: less than 10 lbs.
Small: 19 to 24 inches.  Typical weights: 11 to 25 lbs.
Medium: 24 to 32 inches.  Typical weights: 26 to 50 lbs.
Large: 29 to 37 inches.  Typical weights: 51 to 100 lbs.

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