Are you ready for spring?


Spring Forward!!!!! Ugghh!! Winter always leaves the Poo Doo Crew a little down, hence the reason for a delay in the monthly newsletter! We needed some time here at Poo Doo headquarters to gear up for 2017. Now that Spring is upon us, we have great plans for the season. Thanks to awesome customers, such […]

Are you freezing your pet?


When is it too Cold? Winter is here folks! Playing outside this season with Fido can be great fun. I love taking my pack out trail running and playing in the occasional snow. My husband and I were discussing how long should we leave our dogs outside in the yard, and it got me to […]

Poodoo Halloween


Are you and your pet ready? Hurricane Matthew recently wreaked havoc along the East Coast killing over 43 people and millions of farm animals in North Carolina. Although we are land locked in Nashville Tennessee, we experienced a natural disaster in 2010 with the 500 year flood wiping out downtown Nashville and many neighborhoods. Twenty […]

Your pooch wants some TREATS!


In The Kitchen With Poo Doo As dog owners, it is only natural to want to spoil our pups as much as possible. Most know that there is no better way to show your dog some love than the almighty TREAT! After blowing through bag after bag of expensive dog treats from the pet store, […]

Ruffin It


Last month, we gave you some tips on how to keep you and Fido safe on your upcoming summer road trips. Now that the sun is out, and the temperatures are rising, it is time to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Whether you are a transplant or a local, it is […]

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