Is Your Dog Safe?


Hello Poo Doo Leash and State Paws customers! We hope you had a great holiday season. It is now time for Spring. After an unseasonably warm winter in the south, many gardens and yards around the country are growing and blossoming well ahead of schedule. Outdoor enthusiasts who are also pet owners are delighted with […]

Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays! This year has been quite busy and I hate that we have not communicated more on a regular basis. Anyway….. The Holidays are here! Many of us are looking forward to enjoying some delicious food with our friends and family members. Just be sure to keep your pet’s health and safety in mind […]

Free bandana with purchase!


Summer fun! Having served in the Navy, I always get a little nostalgic about the military on the 4th of July. The latest Paramount picture “Megan Leavy” got me thinking about the dogs who serve in our armed forces. Megan Leavy is a true story about a US Marine who was injured in Iraq with […]

Are you ready for spring?


Spring Forward!!!!! Ugghh!! Winter always leaves the Poo Doo Crew a little down, hence the reason for a delay in the monthly newsletter! We needed some time here at Poo Doo headquarters to gear up for 2017. Now that Spring is upon us, we have great plans for the season. Thanks to awesome customers, such […]

Are you freezing your pet?


When is it too Cold? Winter is here folks! Playing outside this season with Fido can be great fun. I love taking my pack out trail running and playing in the occasional snow. My husband and I were discussing how long should we leave our dogs outside in the yard, and it got me to […]

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